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RCV 360 passionately believes Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) puts voters first and will protect our democracy. It puts more power in the hands of voters, where it belongs. When your favorite candidate doesn’t win, your vote will still count for your second choice or third choice, etc. With RCV, your vote has more impact on the outcome of elections. By giving you the option to rank candidates instead of just picking one, the winner will more accurately reflect the will of voters like you. That’s how democracy is supposed to work. We educate the voting public on how and why Rank Choice Voting works so well. Together we can protect our vote. See our great results in explaining this to voters, candidates and third party partners throughout the country:

Ranked Choice Voting New Mexico

Common Cause New Mexico hired us to develop a legislative and constitutional amendment cause campaign to promote the adoption of the Ranked Choice Voting in New Mexico that would educate elected officials, election administrators and potential voters about the benefits of Ranked Choice Voting. The RCV 360 team developed the strategic RCV resource campaign tactics, animated video, graphic design, practice ballot, all website content and oversaw the website design. The RCV bill would allow New Mexico voters the option to rank candidates in primary elections in order of preference to affirm majority rule even in a multi-candidate field. The constitutional amendment would permit local governments to continue their current election process, including RCV.

RCVNM - Info & Ballot

Vote for your Favorite New Mexican Food

New Mexico’s First Ranked Choice Voting – Vote Different Santa Fe

For an election to be successful and democratic, voters must be well informed and know enough about the system to cast ballots that are legally valid.

A District Court ruling on Nov. 29, 2017, ordered the City of Santa Fe to move from a plurality vote system to Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) in time for the March 6, 2018, municipal election, marking the first time the RCV system would be used in New Mexico.

This was an historic election campaign. In less than three months, we acted quickly and decisively to make sure Santa Fe voters knew how to vote, where to vote and when to vote. We came together with city staff and passionate community partners in an effort that was truly community-wide to ensure that New Mexico’s first ever RCV election was not only successful, but that it was worthy of the trust of Santa Fe’s voters.

The campaign included a robust ranked choice voting resource and educational campaign, including mock elections, community partnership events, a new website with a practice and response ballot, earned media, social media campaigns, animated videos and advertising.


39% increase in voter turnout from previous municipal election
96% ballot accuracy
81% of voters very satisfied with voter experience
71% support for using RCV in future elections
169,000 people with 10,300 engagements were reached through social media
23,544 people (8,800 minutes) viewed the video with an engagement rate of 56 percent
2,000 website visit and practice ballots
Canvassing groups reached 17,000 homes
2,500 attended public forums, with several hundred viewing live streams
2+million earned media impressions with 34 accurate message news items, including 3
positive news editorials.

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Third Party Praise

The results of the survey speak volumes about how well city government, through a major public education campaign, and community groups worked to educate citizens on ranked-choice voting. — Albuquerque Journal

The process was straightforward and we praise the city’s voter education efforts. — THE SANTA FE REPORTER

We at FairVote New Mexico are pleased that the city, in partnership with us, PK Public Relations, and many other community groups, conducted an effective voter outreach and education campaign. — MARIA PEREZ,

Vote Different Santa Fe

Vote Different - Ballot Sheet (English)

Vote Different - Ballot Sheet (Spanish)

Vote Different Santa Fe - Ballot How-to (English)

New York City First Ranked Choice Voting

Rank the Vote NYC was founded in 2019 after New Yorkers voted overwhelming (almost 75%) to adopt Ranked Choice Voting. After their historic win, they hired RCV360 partners to quickly develop strategic Rank the Vote New York resources to educate voters, candidates/campaigns and community groups shifted to educating voters, candidates & campaigns and community groups on the upcoming changes to their local elections in the early 2021primaries. The campaign included a robust ranked choice voting resource and educational campaign, including mock elections, community partnership events, educational animated video featuring bodega snacks, a new website with a practice and response ballot, presentations, earned and social media content.


  • Voter turnout increased over the last eight years with close to a million voters participating compared to 772,000 in 2013 primary.
  • Turn out increased in down ballot engagement in 41 of the 44 races contested in 2013 and 2021 primaries with some City Council races participation jumping between 70% and 90%.

A decrease of inactive ballots from 33% to 14%

Rank your favorite NYC Bodega snacks

Benton County First Ranked Choice Voting

In preparation for its first County Commission ranked choice election, Benton County hired the RCV360 partners to develop a Benton Better Ballot campaign, so voters know what to expect when they fill-out their ballot. The campaign used a variety of public outreach and interactive initiatives to educate the public about how ranked voting works.

The Benton Better Ballot campaign uses five Pacific Northwest inspired mock election candidates and a legendary spokesperson to illustrate in a non-biased and relatable way how easy the new ranked choice voting ballot is.

Hold for Testimonial – It came from FairVote


  • Voter turnout increased from 32% to 50%
  • The new system encouraged more diverse candidates to enter the race including the Libertarian, Pacific Green and Progressive parties.
  • Efforts are ongoing to apply RCV to statewide primaries.

Benton Better Ballot 11x17 Poster

Benton County - Ask Me

Benton County - Characters

Ranked Choice Voting for Benton County Commissioner