Your Ranked Choice Voting Experts

Every interaction with voters, potential voters and candidates matters. That’s how we see public outreach for Ranked Choice Voting education. That is where we come in… we educate the voting public on how and why Rank Choice Voting works so well. Together we can protect our vote, with Rank Choice Voting. Let’s talk.

RCV 360 is the premier Ranked Choice Voting team working with communities from coast to coast. See our current campaigns at RankedChoiceVotingNM, RanktheVoteNYC, VoteDifferentSantaFe, and BentonBetterBallot.

Case Studies

New Mexico

Ranked choice voting guarantees that New Mexicans are represented by office holders elected by a true majority of voters.

Case Studies

New York City

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) allows voters to rank candidates by preference instead of choosing just one. Learn about RCV by watching Mahir’s deli customers pick their favorite snack of the month. Once you’ve watched, try filling out a Ranked Choice ballot yourself on our website:

Case Studies

Santa Fe, NM

In the 2008 election, Santa Feans voted to put Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) into the City Charter. RCV was used in the 2018 election. If you need a refresher, here’s what you need to know.

Case Studies

Benton County, OR

In this video, Sam Sasquatch walks you through the steps of ranked choice voting. Voters can select and rank their top three candidates for County Commissioner in the upcoming November 2020 general election.

The publicity over ranked choice, and the city’s necessary education campaign to explain Ranked Choice Voting, did help spark interest and drive up turnout. — JOURNAL NORTH EDITORIAL BOARD

For an election to be successful and democratic, voters and candidates must be well informed and know enough about the system to cast ballots that are legally valid. They must have confidence in their local government. To build this trust and credibility with a new voting system, mainstream and disadvantaged voters, community influencers and advocates must be educated, engaged, and mobilized.